Chain Link Fencing
An angle is an ‘L’ section of iron of desired width, height and thickness used for fastening a chain link fence to a structure made of angles. In construction terms, the structure made out of angles is like firm scaffolding which is strong enough to hold the chain link like a wall to complete the chain link fencing.

Usually, an angle is chosen in places where the chain link fencing is not of much scenic importance. The fencing made with an angle does not have a beautiful appeal but the purpose id served in an angle. An angle will also prove to be economical when the choice is being made.

Chain Link Fencing
We maintain a standard in angles to make our customers easy to understand and attain the correct chain link and its height. An angle is more familiar with sizes of 5 feet, 6.5feet, 10feet and 20feet. There are options of even availing lengths of angles other than these which will be considered once the length of fencing is larger.

Thickness of an angle and the width of the angle required is a choice. Depending on the length of the chain link perimeter and on the height you want to install the chain link, you have to decide on which angle can carry on the weight and force that is inserted on it by the chain link.

Chain Link Fencing
However, we are always a knock away in helping you to decide on which angle suits your requirement and which chain link wire and chain link hall pass is good according to your application. We consider your budget as we regard this is the most important input we will require from you for a perfect solution of fencing.

After the correct height of chain link fencing has been decided, we then can supply the angle after we discuss and you understand what angle fencing is.

Chain Link Fencing
Galvanisation of angles is a suggested when an angle is chosen for chain link fencing. Galvanisation will keep away the rust on an angle for an extensive period. An angle which is painted after red oxide is applied on them will not sustain the harsh climatic conditions. They will erode in a course of time and they will depreciate in quality, strength and value.

Once the angles for chain link fencing are galvanised, they become weather proof. They can withstand cruel weather treatments and they will remain in strength, quality and value for your investment.

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.