Chain Link

Chain link a significant product in our production. Our specialties include fencing posts for a perfect fencing. Your boundary has always been longing for a good fence. There are various options for the boundary fence and we are always on the chart of best fencing solutions for your property.

Areas such as a park, play ground, school, factory, buildings, kennels and dairies, poultry houses, farms and water bodies can be secured with a chain link fence.

A variety of wires and a variety of sizes are on the shelf in a chain link choice. Our range are from 1.6mm wires to 4mm wires and our sizes are from 3/4 x 3/4 inch to 4 x 4 inches respective to the wires.
Chain Link Fencing

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.