Fencing Posts

Chain link needs a structure to be firmed into the ground or reinforced to another structure by usual methods to be fastened. This scaffolding must be strong enough to tolerate the weight and strength of the metal curtain as in the chain link. This scaffolding is done by either iron angles or round poles. These angles or poles are fencing posts. Mild Steel or Galvanized posts can be possible for use. We have learnt over our vast life in this industry and from fruitful experiences of which posts and what strength to be built up to hold chain link without destruction or calamities because of either volunteer or involuntary natural reasons.

Fencing posts can either be iron angles or iron pipes of a certain standard which are provided with provisions to hold the wire mesh. These fencing posts have to be dug into the ground to a specific depth or reinforced into a wall to a mentioned depth to hold on straight. An inclined position is always an option available open. We are very stern on the fencing posts being as strong as to tolerate any kind of destructions. Fencing posts will vary for different kinds of chain link firmed to them. A thicker wire chain link will have to be provided with higher strength fence post. A thinner or less height chain link enabled just to guard animals and other stray animals can be provided with a lower strength of fence posts. This categorization of fence posts is an important factor to consider when fixing the chain link for a longer life. We insist galvanization on the fencing posts as they add to the beauty and longer life protecting themselves from rust and oxidization.

We recommend both an angle fencing posts and pipe fencing posts as both of these materials prove to be enough capable to hold chain link to them. They are less observed with damage either way. An angle is more preferred for hard site installations like factories, lands and such vicinities. Pipe fencing is better in soft sites like a playground, a garden and public places like walkways. The selection of posts is your option and as per your requirement and fabrication and supply for the beautification along with purpose is our responsibility.

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.