Quality of Chain Link

The durability and the service scope of chain link have always taken over by far a wooden fencing or concrete wall fencing. The reasons and factors involved in the durability and long life of chain link fencing depends on the quality of wire which has been chosen for chain link manufacturing. The zinc coat that has been applied on the wire is a major factor which will rule the longevity of chain link fence. The quality beyond this explanation can be understood in what is galvanizing?


A wide range of options and wire choice are variable in chain link fencing. The sizes of chain link are a purpose the chain link fence is used for. As an example:
  • To cover your maize or rice crop fields, a 3"x3" , 2.5mm wire,100GSM will aid the purpose.
  • To cover your poultry house, 1.25"x1.25", 1.6mm wire, 100GSM will aid the purpose.
  • To cover your plot from intruders, a 2"x2", 4mm wire, 100GSM along with barbed wire will sufficient aid the purpose.

In this wise choose of the category of your purpose and a budget matching option, there are a variety of chain link and their respective sizes available. You always have an open option to customize your chain link pattern and wire for your investment to completely sit into the budget seat allocated for it.

A user-friendly chain link chart is presented for you to open your scope of understanding on the chain link availability and their possible sizes.

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.