What is chain link fence ?

Chain link fencing is a method of fencing used to secure a boundary which has several advantages beyond an opaque wall. Chain link is a galvanized/ PVC coated wire run through a machine to form into a zig zag pattern which allows the next zig zag wire pattern to sew into it and form a couple. Such couples linked to one another are multiplied to form a metal wall like structure which can offer you many advantages by feature. A chain link fence will look like a wire made into a diamond shape linearly. This made chain link to the required height and length as per your requirement is then fastened to firm fencing posts which can hold the chain link in position to form a transparent wall. A chain link fence is mostly preferred as a cost-cutting solution.

Gates and doors are provided where ever necessary to allow access into your perimeter.

Applications of chain link fencing

A chain link fencing has various applications in commercial markets. The applications of chain link are mostly observed in places where a wall will prove to be a wrong choice either in purpose or in decision. In western countries like Europe, United States of America and similar developed nations, the advantages of chain link are highly appreciated by wisely using a chain link in places of a constructed wall.

Boundaries and borders such as follows can be enclosed with a chain link:

Parks : it is a usual sense that a chain link is used to fence a park. The advantages of a chain link are practical compared to a wall partition. The beauty of the park, the greenery of the park and the actions inside the park can be watched right from outside the park. A wall will block our vision of the park which will cause a notion of inconvenience as a non-public property.

Schools and campus : schools and campuses are these days being fortified with a chain link rather than a wall. Every owner and in-charge does want their school and buildings to be seen and appreciated by viewers. A chain link is the correct choice for this kind of use.

Playground : A chain link is called a Backstops in play grounds and other softball sports such as tennis, basketball, cricket and such sports. A wall or an opague shield will not provide what a chain link can in a playground. Every school today has a play ground and every playground needs to be designed for a fence which is preferably a chain link fence. Another noticeable aspect where a chain link is an intelligent choice is the height. When a wall has to be constructed to outstanding heights of above 10feet for a playground or a court, it is possible yet difficult and expensive. A chain link here is a wonderful option for extra heights and cost effectiveness.

Kennels and stables : A kennel is fenced with a chain link to keep the dogs away from people observing them. There are kennels which have hundreds of dogs. Such kennels cannot be fenced with a wall as it will over run the costs involved. Such kennels and even small home kennels are ideal to be constructed with a chain link. Of course, a shelter for a dog is necessary which shall have to be provided with a canopy which is mostly made of fiber glass. A stable is usually constructed with wall. Grazing fields for horses and cattle are often fenced around with chain link. There is no worry about the cattle being lost or animal count missing in this chain link boundary. Ventilation for cattle and horses is a very important factor which is often neglected by restricting them closed walls. This is where a chain link will cause open air breathing to the animals and keep a regard of the air flow not being restricted. Above shall be canopy which will provide shelter for rain and sun.

Farms : Protecting the cultivated crop from wild animals is as important as nurturing the crop from a grain. Usually a farm is in rural areas of the country near plain lands or hillocks. Such places are often populated with wild animals such as bores and bears. Along with these wild animals, tamed animals like buffalos and oxen are sometimes a reason to run into fields and destroy the crop. These destructions can be avoided with a simple solution of fencing the farm with chain link and barbed wire. Though a barbed wire can restrict the animals, a barbed wire cannot stay intact over a period of time. A chain link is fixed to either concrete pillars or galvanized iron posts which will limit wild animals from entering the field. Though investment is an investment, this is where a chain link will add to our assets in farming.

Open lands and plots : Land and plot purchase is everybody’s vision today. Your purchase land or plot should be stated with a boundary without being occupied or engaged by your neighbor. A chain link fence boundary here is a perfect choice of surround your property with a fence and declares your limits. A wall can be constructed in place but a wall will not prove to be cost-effective and a wall is not encroachment proof. Even in cases where the wall has to be moved, it is not possible. It has to be destroyed and remade for the new limits. In this logic, a chain link is movable and usable again for the new limits. This is where the choice of a chain link fence proves wiser than walls. You save the reconstruction costs. Trespassers are kept away from your land and property with a chain link fence which can be noticed by your watchman inside the edge.

Water bodies : Lakes, ponds, canals and rivers are habitually secured with a chain link. The required height posts are selected and then chain link of the variety which can keep away evaders is fixed to the fencing posts. This type of fencing has proven many governments and organizations. This is the valid reason today for government’s tenders to be requesting a chain link fence.

Highways and motor ways : Danger is always expected on unguarded highways from animals. To evade this kind of dangers, highways and motor ways are today being reinforced with a chain link fence along the way. This will keep away animals and human interference with highways where speed is predictable to unconscious obstructions.

Poultry houses and factories : The main intention in a poultry house or a factory is to make money in profits. A huge area is required for a poultry house or a factory. This area is to be covered which will bear out expensive with a wall. A chain link will accommodate into your budget of economical investment on the boundary. A poultry house is expected to be open to air and the ventilation is a necessity in poultry houses. This necessity can only be provided with a chain link which has a option of free airflow and free ventilation because of its open metal curtain behavior. This link mesh in poultry houses is also referred as poultry link mesh or poultry chain link. In folk India this is also known as link jally in most of the Indian languages.
Chain Link Fencing


The manufacturing of chain-link fencing is called weaving. A metal wire, often galvanized to reduce corrosion, is pulled along a rotating long and flat blade, thus creating a somewhat flattened spiral. The spiral continues to rotate past the blade and winds its way through the previous spiral that is already part of the fence. When the spiral reaches the far end of the fence, the spiral is cut near the blade. Next, the spiral is pressed flat and the entire fence is moved up, ready for the next cycle. The end of every second spiral overlap the end of every first spiral. The machine clamps both ends and gives them a few twists. This makes the links permanent.

An improved version of the weaving machine winds two wires around the blade at once, thus creating a double helix. One of the spirals is woven through the last spiral that is already part of the fence. This improvement allows the process to advance twice as fast.

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.