What is Galvanisation?

Galvanization of wire : The wire which is ought to be converted into chain link comes as a galvanized wire. The wire is drawn to the required thickness / diameter and then it is passed through a hot zinc bath to achieve galvanization. This process will end with galvanized wire. Some production facilities will include refineness of making this wire as the wire is required to be highly galvanized as the life of the wire will last longer as the galvanization on the wire is higher. Wires are available from 40 GSM to 350 GSM. The different galvanized wire grades are 40 GSM, 60 GSM, 100 GSM, 160 GSM, 275 GSM and 350 GSM. For instance: A 40 GSM wire will last for a couple of years or less. A 60 GSM will last for 5 years. A 100 GSM will last for 10 years. Beyond 100 GSM, these wires have the capacity to last for more than 20 years. Usually, such higher GSM wires are used for more of a legitimate and rough use where rust is a criteria of concern. We include in our production only 100 GSM wire to ensure that our product has a life of minimum 10 years. In coastal areas where humidity is high, we offer to supply 160 GSM wire.

In request of your choice, we can even offer 60 GSM wires which we do not recommend.

Galvanization of fence posts : Galvanization is a process where the posts are dipped into a hot bath of zinc such that zinc accumulates on the surface to an extent of microns. This will make the posts even more resistive to rust in places with high humidity. After galvanisation, the posts will appear to be zinc covered color or almost silver in color which Galvanization is a recommended feature in bank and shore areas of country where humidity is above 80%. In dry climates like lands away from the sea and water bodies, Galvanization is not compulsory. Yet your wisdom is always respected as per your choice of requirement.

Chain Link Fencing

NOTE : Please explore our “Loss Calculator” for a better understanding of what you gain in galvanising and chain link quality and what you lose in non-galvanised chain link posts and low quality chain link fencing.